FKA48 'Jihad Al Nafs Volume One' (instrumentals) by Khateeb

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Title: Jihad Al Nafs Instrumentals Volume One

Artist: Khateeb

12 Tracks

Total time: 25:17

California, underground hip-hop instrumentals. From veteran producer Khateeb Fka Jihad Al Nafs. This Virginia native grew up the product of an enlisted army man in the bay area and Fresno California. Collaborations with hip-hop independent producer, groups and artist include Architect, Hobo Junction, Brown James & Autolect.  

Khateeb finally emerges after many years working on over 300 underground hip hop tracks. His record collection and in-depth knowledge of classic 70’s R&B is extensive.

FKA152 'Single Cell' Autolect (SMR 2015)

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Formerly Known As MC Autolect and beat maker (as bil basmala) drops 'Single Cell': Music From Basmala, currently in production with Khateeb. In the meantime Formerly Known As will release, Autolect 'Monoverse' and The Built Album: Hasan Atiq this summer.

Single Cell features production by Autolect  as Bil Basmala, for Urban Sufi Music, Sesac / Wird Worl.  Mastered by Esnine and features artwork by Divine Styler. The single will hit the download and stream networks around late summer.


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Title: Every Mans Universe 

Format: CD / Digital 

Label: Required / Formerly Known As

01. shareef 5:08 

02. the meeting 2:05 

03. levitate 5:06 

04. expand 4:59 

05. synch 4:43 

06. due 0:33 

07. skamboy 4:27 

08. lubrication 5:11 

09. bridge the gap 4:41 

10. define 4:15 

11. navigate 5:07 

12. solaer 4:04 

13. balance 4:40 

14. gravity 6:43 

15. till the finish 2:34 

Album Notes: 

Autolect maintains the conscious line of hip-hop, with a more lyrically "heady" touch. The self-professed "Native Tongue Baby" is a rare artist who produces and writes his own material. "Every Mans Universe" is Autolect's official debut. With 12 tracks and 3 skits, "Every Mans Universe" has thoughtful lyrics and a Down tempo Nu-Jazz/Broken Beat combination. 

"Every Mans Universe" searches for the "LOVECHILD" in everyone. That mature, fine music collector, whether online or buried in a book. That deep-rooted mentality, educated, enlightened, inspired, eclectic and forward thinking. Songs like, "Gravity," and "Levitate," will be right up the alleys of those that like "underground hip-hop." Hip-Hops demand for a conscious message is here. 

As "usephasan" from 1998-2003, Autolect received recognition in spots as far away as France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. His work with producers Dj Shadow, Ralph M, Fanatik, Amani K. Smith and Pomo of Blend Crafters gives Autolect the vantage point. 

On this , lyricist and producer William "Hasan" Robinson establishes himself as Autolect. "Every Mans Universe" unleashes Autolect and his "Urban Sufi Music," an eclectic underground hip-hop style inspired by Islamic sound design. Each of his songs soothe the soul with an undeniable aspect that hinges on a dervish drum circle frantically obliterated in the oneness of the truth. This CD contains 12 songs and 3 skits. 

Recording Location: Northern, California U.S.A 

Release Data:
Catalog ID: REQO4
UPC: 633914000813
Release Format: LP
Territory: Worldwide
P-Line: 2005 Required Press Inc. / UrbanSufiMusic
C-Line: 2005 Required 

Usephasan Chemistry Teraqueous

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Artist: usephasan 

Title: chemistry teraqueous 

Format: Digital / 12 inch (op) 

Label: Required / New Harvest 

01. Fore the Lov 3:52 

02. Suspended Animation 4:14 

03. Badas BROTHERS 2:20 

04. Whatever 4:30 

05. Natural 3:14 

06. Chem. Tereq 3:57 

07. badas BROTHERS - ins. 2:24 

08. Fore the Lov - ins. 3:31 


Chemistry Teraqueous usephasan newharvest 12" Nhdr001 8 selections, 5 vocals, 3 ins. 

Album Notes 

Okay, this EP says it came out in 1997. But we just got it the other day, and while you are able to tell that it must have come out some years ago, if you don't know it, you are more likely to not have the thought creep up on you, as this still sounds fresh. We are confused about the track listing though, so what we write here is mainly a guess. However, we know Usephasan from the dope "Kh:iman.sip.8.tor" EP, and hence we are anxiously awaiting the promised album. In the mean time we travel back these few years, and as said, under close inspection, "Fore The Lov" sounds like something form a past era. That's not bad though, as these battling words didn't lose their grit, but they are somewhat lost in the peculiar recording. The EP continues with "Suspendedanimation" that's coming dope with a demanding beat, that's backing up more of the doubting you spitting. "BadasBROTHERS" gets used to introduce the crew with another dope beat and confident flowing. The vibe is pleasant, despite the battle tongues being swung. Further there's the jazzy vibe of "Naturally" that takes the emcee bashing further. 

Flipping the EP over, we get a track that starts out sounding like something recorded live, and again having a demo feel, before the track changes into a lengthy track, that first has freestyled lyrics. And we are told this is called "Chemistry Teraqueous", that progressing instrumentally and in company of scratches after the lyrics disappear. Next up we get the instrumental of "BadasBROTHERS", before an unidentified entity (we call interlude) leads up to the instrumental of "Fore The Lov". So a whole lot of confusion comes with the record, that still is a cool release though, that's dope today, but must have been incredible four years ago.

review: tadah (urban smarts dot com) 

Recording Location: Los Angelas, Ca., Greenville N.C. 

Release Data
Catalog ID: REQ-NHDRO1
Release Format: EP
Territory: Worldwide
P-Line: 2005 Required Press Inc.
C-Line: 1998 REQ REQ / New Harvest 

Movin' - EP, Autolect Press Release (5/1/2007)

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For Immediate Release:
Northern, California – May. 1st 2007

Music From Forthcoming Official Debut Lp

Autolect is gearing up for his forthcoming full length LP self titled "Autolect: Between God And The Deep Blue" releasing in the fall of 2007.

On the single "MOVIN" produced by Fanatik (East Bay Producer - Stones Throw, Rasco, Planet Asia, Azeem). Autolect exhibits diversity & skills with a Patient, articulate and as a matter of fact flow that allows this album to develop its visionary landscape. Autolect: Between God And The Deep Blue is a refreshing & free recording.

The Album Autolect: Between God & The Deep Blue features the production of 9th Wonder (Jay Z, Beyonce, Mary & Little Brother / Abb Records), Fanatik, Jihad, AHMM, James Deans & TommyKnocka. Autolect's lead man & lyricist SCRIPTS finely threads the Universal truths of Respect, Patience, Morality, beauty & justice.

Autolect Aers

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Title: Aers

Format: Digital / 7 inch

Label: Required 

01. Aers (remix) 5:16  

02. Aers insturmental


Album Notes: from "The Man That Fell To Earth." 

Recording Location: GreenMileBreak Studio, Brentwood Maryland & His Meltdown Movement, Northern California U.S.A 

Release Data
Catalog ID: REQ06

Release Format: Single
Territory: Worldwide
P-Line: 2005 Urban Sufi Music
C-Line: 2005 Required 

Khateeb - In My Life

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Music From The Album, 'Jihad Al Nafs, Instrumentals Volume One' By Khateeb

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Black Standard Reissues Monoverse album (FKA01)

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AutolectMonoverseCDFormerly Known As FKA01

Rob Bass (Fka: Fanatik) and Hasan Robinson (Fka: Autolect) collaborate on “Monoverse” Originaly recorded in 2010 and releases as the duo mononauts. They came togethor to create music that treads the domain of the unexplored. Ridwan and Hasan create a musical territory where the electric psychedelic Space Rock influenced beats and backgrounds of onBeats meet the abstract, enlightened and sub-conscious lyrics of Autolect. As they break free from the defined structures of the 1 and ah 2 they contribute to the conception of something that is distinct in its identity and yet exhibits both the creators’ musical abilities. Monoverse creates a new fusion of the energetic and the experimental. Best suited for headphone science, these industry vets continue to be the pioneers of new possibilities for Hip-Hop.



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FKA Audio is proud to present, Fringe Analog, vinyl product and limited edition pressing crafted in Germany from FKA Sub-Label Take your time and review at Juno Records based in the UK. From what we are hearing, sales for US hip hop/downtempo /electronic are on the tint. It seems little digging is happening for 'Smarty Arty' emcee's and know it all producers. This record features HA emcee (FKA Autolect) and pysopsogist the producer. Introduced by NYC music king pen Elmattic. On release in 2014 dystopian Hip-Hop had just set off. The SleepWalk Project came along and kicked the industry in the teeth and now everyone feels reduced. No sweat, pick up a copy of the 7 inch and FKA AUDIO throws in a free download via Available at iTunes and Amazon and you can also stream it on Beats and Spotify of course. This is art!

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